Volunteer Ranger

While Delaware supports the nationl Mountain Bike Patrol program sponsored by IMBA, Maryland has a Volunteer Ranger program.  There are two subcategories of this program that are very active in our local Maryland State Parks:  Volunteer Mounted Patrol (VMP) and the Volunteer Bike Patrol (VBP).  The Volunteer Ranger/VBP organization is currently made up of eleven active Mountain Bikers most of whom are Trail Spinner members.  VBP supports monthly and adhoc trail maintenance events at Fair Hill and Susquehanna State Parks and adhoc maintenance events at Elk Neck State Park.  VBP members also support search and rescue efforts, provide a "security presence" at park events (supporting the MD Natural Resources Police) and provide input to park managers on trail issues and improvements to the trail system.  There is a 100 hour/year minimum volunteer effort required including attending training and other MD-DNR events.  Contact any Trail Spinner officer for information on how to become part of this important effort.

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