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Constituting Declaration
We are mountain bicyclists of all abilities joining together to enjoy and promote the sport of mountain biking. Mountain biking is a privilege; therefore, we seek to balance our enjoyment of riding with responsible trail use. We are committed to preserving access to trails through education and advocacy. We volunteer significant time and effort to construct, preserve and improve trails for shared use.

The Delaware Trail Spinners is a nonprofit mountain bike club incorporated in the State of Delaware. We are a chapter club of IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Most Trail Spinners live in northern Delaware and nearby Pennsylvania, Maryland, or New Jersey. We actively ride trails in all states in the region. We are committed to environmentally and socially responsible mountain biking. We seek to maintain existing trail access and open new trails to mountain biking through advocacy and education. Most of our volunteer efforts impact trails at Middle Run/White Clay and Fair Hill.

Trail Maintenance
The Trail Spinners are very active in trail maintenance at the Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area (NRMA) in Elkton, Maryland, in the Middle Run Valley Natural Area Park, a New Castle County park near Newark, Delaware, in the White Clay Creek State Park adjacent to Middle Run, and in Iron Hill Recreation Area. We construct new, environmentally sound, sustainable trails that showcase the scenic beauty of these areas. We also repair and improve trails damaged by weather and trail use. We perform all of these efforts in close partnership with and under the direction of the land managers. We strive to enhance the trail experience for bikers, equestrians, hikers and all other non-motorized trail users.

Our participation and leadership in trail stewardship is paramount to developing and maintaining our image as responsible trail users. Our sweat equity in the trails keeps mountain biking represented in decision making and cultivates relationships with all trail users.

Race Sponsorship
The Trail Spinners sponsor an annual race at Fair Hill featuring miles of single track trails in a single loop course. The size of this event demands every resource of the club. All members are expected to participate in some manner. Organization, operation logistics and promotion are key to a successful event. A limited number of club members are permitted to participate as racers. Club members who do race generally assist with pre-race activities and even obtain surrogates to help in their place. The funds raised from this event are used to organize additional events, and are donated back to our local trail systems. Donations have taken the form of equipment, ranging from gloves to power mowers; materials, ranging from windows for park offices to trees and water management devices: monetary awards, ranging from small grants to local scout projects to thousands of dollars for worthy environmental preservation efforts.

Trail Rides
The Trail Spinners organize many trail rides throughout the year, many which occur on a weekly basis. Typically, two or three groups of riders are formed at each of these rides so that everyone can be in a group of riders of similar ability. To protect the trails, we do not ride until at least 24 hours after significant rain. See our ride schedule for the current roster of group rides organized by the club. And please, do not ride when the trails are soft and wet.

Other Activities
The club is also active in many other activities that in some way help support the club's purpose as stated in our Constituting Declaration. These include organizing trail maintenance education for public benefit, playing active roles at public hearings regarding land use, letter writing campaigns to legislators and public officials to ensure mountain biking representation, and so on. We have also written grant proposals and solicited funds for local organizations that have values aligned with our Constituting Declaration.

To learn more about the club, come to one of our monthly meetings held the first Tuesday of the month in the backroom of McGlynns Pub- 8 Polly Drummond Shopping Center Newark, DE.

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