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DEOS Weather Stations

Get real rainfall data:

Newark-White Clay, DE


Trail Conditions

There are 2 metrics on the DEOS Weather Station posted data that can be used to determine if trails are suitable for riding: Volumetric Water Content and Soil Temprature. Volumetric Water Content is the amount of water in the soil. As of 1/13/13 the Volumetric Water Content is 0.46 or 46% which means muddy trails. Although I do not know what number is suitable for riding this metric is something we should monitor and maybe we can come up with some guidance. Of course if soil temp is below 32 do not need to worry about Volumetric Water Content.


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I am, very much, interested

I am, very much, interested in coming up with guidelines.  They trails have been hammered lately.  I'm not looking forward to doing all that maintenance and repairs.


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