Current & Future Trail Projects

Below is summary of projects the club will be engaged in for 2013 season:

Middle Run
• General Maintenance - Knicking, deberming, trimming, and mowing.
• Creekside Skills Area Expansion - continue to build wood plank features including a new expert line
• Shape and add material to bank turns
(15 Miles of Singletrack)

White Clay Creek State Park
• General Maintenance - Knicking, deberming, trimming, and mowing.
• Bryan's Field/Paper Mill Rd Connector Trail Improvements
• Assist Delaware State Park Trail Crew on approved projects

(25 Miles open to bikes)

Redd Park
• General Maintenance - Knicking, deberming, trimming, and mowing.
• Boulder Enhancements along all-weather corridor
• Potentially connect to Shoppes at Louviers with a loop trail
• Upon Delmarva approvel - finish connection to Shell Station on Possum Park
• Install additional bridges

(6 Miles of Trail)

Brandywine Creek State Park / Woodlawn
• General Maintenance - Knicking, deberming, trimming, and mowing (25 Miles of Trail intertwined Single and Doubletrack)

Papermill Mill Bike Park

We've been talking about Bike Parks for a few years with our Land Managers.  New Castle County had us on a holding pattern until Glasgow Skate Park opened March 24, 2012.  After the opening Jonathan Husband (New Castle County Special Services) looked at the Paper Mill Bike Park Site and was willing to support the project but needed a plan.  July 29, 2012, the Trail Spinners Board approved $3,600 to fund the Paper Mill Bike Park Concept Plan.  September 5, 2012 Trail Spinners sign contract with IMBA to create concept plan.  October 24-25, 2012 IMBA on-site to make measurements, take pictures, and discuss the project with stake holders.  We should have the concept plan December 2012 or early January 2013.  Hopefully we'll have a public hearing scheduled with New Castle County Council in January 2013.  If all goes well maybe ground breaking late spring or early summer 2013.  Stay tuned for updates.


Lums Pond

Delaware State Parks has been working on Lums for the past couple of years.  We've been helping with maintenance and working on a plan to add technical trail features.  (7 Miles of Singletrack and 7 Miles of Doubletrack)

Iron Hill

We've been working with New Castle County for almost 20 years primarily doing maintenance. (7 Miles of Singletrack)



We've been working with the City of Newark doing maintenance and some re-routes.  (5 Miles of Singletrack)



We've been talking with New Castle County about connecting Carousel to White Clay's Judge Morris Area.  Potential to improve trails at Carousel and expand towards Mill Creek Greenway and Delcastle.  Several safe on-road options.  (5 Miles of Trail)


Fair Hill

We've been working with Fair Hill since 1997.  Continue to support monthly maintenance, re-routes, and construction projects.  (60 Miles of Singletrack and 30 Miles of Doubletrack)


Planning Phase:
Elk Neck State Park
• Reopen old trails with re-routing. Get to 20 mile system

Susquehanna State Park
• Revise existing 12 mile system to a modern 30 mile system.

Development Phase:
Support Elk Neck State Forest

• Re-route of 1.2 mile section of ENTA (Elk Neck Trail Association) Lighthouse trail

Susquehanna State Park
• Finish justification of 30 mile trail system, obtain approval and break into projects for securing funding

Elk Neck State Park
• Submit trail map to Land Manager and secure local approval.  Support Park trail crews as needed to secure funding and build.

Construction Phase:
Elk Neck State Forest
• Re-route existing trails in concert with ENTA “Lighthouse Trail”
 Park Phase four construction



Franklin Township

We've been working with Franklin Township over the past few years.  In 2013 we helped them build the 1 Mile long Keen Trail.  We've assisted with layout in Banffshire and will potentially start working on the trails in 2013.


London Grove Township

We've been talking with London Grove and ran an introduction to mountain biking session in Goddard Park.  Some mountain bikers have been helping the township with maintenance. (4 Miles of Trail) 

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