1st Annual Brian Fults Pub Crawl

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1st Annual Brian Fults Pub Crawl

Join the MTBMR crew Friday 5-10-13 6:oo PM at Zingos for a leisurely circumnavigation of Newark, De and  our local brew pubs. Staring at Zingo's our intention is to visit Argilla's, 2 Stones, Iron Hill, Klondike Kates, Katherine Rooneys, Deer Park, Timothy's and McGlynns. You don't have to be Irish, but it helps. Bring your lights! We encourage you to dress in a festive mode and decorate your bike in a whimsical manner.

Note: this is an independent Ride, all riders assume all risk and responsibility for personal safety. Cheers.

A rider will always take risk

A rider will always take risk. However they also passed lots of trainings. - YOR Health

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