April 2008 General Club Meeting

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April 2008 General Club Meeting

[Sorry for the slight (< 1 week) delay in posting these.  Sometimes life gets in the way.]


REMINDER: Middle Run Spring Tree Plant – 12 April 2008 – 9AM – Park near McGlynn's – 400 trees to plant.


Jim reviews last month's meeting.



                Aaron with a new mountain bike

                Jodie with a hybrid and looking to do triathlons


Treasurer's Report

                $2K in checking, $5K in money market, $10K in bridge fund


Many thanks to Ray for our updated web page – please visit http://www.trailspinners.org/ .  We need pictures  - if you have pictures of mountain biking, send them to Ray.


Iron Hill

    March 31 was the first meeting of Friends of Iron Hill.  DTS has donated $500 in Founder's Grant money to Friend's.  The park re-opens Memorial Day weekend.  The only parking lot will be the upper parking lot.  Concern: mountain bike trails are being used as disc golf fairways.  There's also a bark park coming.

                Should we try to ride on opening day?  It's the same day as the ride at Grenague.  Will that be too overwhelming?


Derek Stoner of the Delaware Nature Society is visiting.  The spring tree plant is Saturday 12 April.  So far, 30,000 trees have been

planted.  The trees are all native species.    He did a presentation

on the reforestation project at Middle Run.

DTS has purchased 30 large trees that will be planted this spring.

Of the nearly 100 trees that DTS has purchased over the years, only 2 have died – both dogwoods, and they died of disease.

DTS has received a certificate of appreciation from the Delaware Nature Society for the tree plant.


Mountain Biking 101 at Brandywine 9 to 12AM on 3 May.  Riders will be able to ride trails that are normally closed to bikes.

If you have information about the history of the club, please send it to Ray.

Mountain Biking 101 at Middle Run / 9 Foot Road – After the work party at 1PM

                April 19 (Jim Ireland can't attend – a volunteer will be needed to lead this ride)

                May 17

                June 21

                July 19

                August 23

                September 27

                October 18


Chip on Middle Run

                Between Fox Den and "Happy Feet" there may be some rerouting.  Much of the trail work that was done in 2007 has held up very well.  Chip may be able to open up some space at their shop for our tools.


Bank of America work parties – Tuesday, 4/22 Earth Day.


EMS has Outdoor Community Club Day – April 18 and 19.  20% discount on all merchandise.  We would like to have some members there to introduce the club to shoppers.  They also have organized weekly mountain bike rides.


Race Update – Todd has race courses laid out.  Pre-rides will be on Sundays.  The expert course is 27 miles and crosses four bridges.

Sport 22 miles, beginner ~15.  Maps will be put online.


Poker Run – Saturday, 28 June

Trail Conflict – The State of DE will be engaging us over the topic of trail conflict – hikers, bikers, etc.


MORE (Maryland Off-Road Enthusiasts) has a mountain bike festival Memorial Day Weekend.  If you're interested, post to the Yahoo group and details will be provided.



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