August 2008 General Club Meeting

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August 2008 General Club Meeting

Delaware Trailspinners - Monthly Meeting Minutes

5 August 2008



The race was a success, earning us $9730.  Many thanks to all of the great volunteers who make the race possible.


The Strawbridge Estate – The Brandywine conservancy is working on this project.  No update available.


There is a greenway project going on from Avondale to London Grove.

Developers are being contacted to try to make this happen.  There are plans and maps available, so this project may be reasonably far along.


IMBA Summit


Building club capacity (membership).  We've done well with branding, including our logo.  The community, however, doesn't know who we are.

(Our visitor today found out about us through the Deer Park, which is owned by the same group as McGlynn's.)


Can we go to the bike shops to help build awareness?  Some people do know us from bells, our race, or some of our trail work.


Should we hold a barbeque at a trail head to get some good publicity?


What is our goal?  Do we want more members?  More people at meetings?

Something else?  IMBA suggests publishing a wish list of tasks that the club needs help with, such as distributing flyers, trail work, etc.


Book: Last Child in the Woods.  Kids are starting to get back into the woods, and some of them are on mountain bikes.  Should we repeat the kid's ride that we did a few years ago, with a cookout afterward?


Can we get bike shops to give out our water bottles with new bikes?

They're giving bottles away anyway.


Henry's is selling T-shirts to benefit the Middle Run Bridge Fund (we accept direct contributions, too.)  Thanks, Henry's.


IMBA is moving from a state-by-state program to a more regional approach.


IMBA talked about advocating for skills trails.


Iron Hill


Jim's been trying to get a new trail plan for Iron Hill.  Do we want to lay out a set of trails for Iron Hill?


Suggestion: The club should have a list of priorities that we can publicize and work on.




Jim has proposed night rides at White Clay.  We're looking forward to seeing what happens with this proposal.  We're very interested in being able to ride there at night with full permission.  For illegal night riding, Delaware tickets cost $250 for first offense.


Treasurer's Report:


Bridge Fund:  $12,478.50

Money Market: $19,698.37

Checking: $7,652.68


Net profit from Race: $9,730.



15 Attendees

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