Club Rides Closer to Baltimore?

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Club Rides Closer to Baltimore?

Hello All,

I recently started working in the Edgewood, MD area, live in A.A.Co. I have not ridden in this area and I was hoping to get in on some rides after work, before return to the other side of town. I haven't seen anything for club rides in the surrounding parks, is this club active in the parks local to Harford\Baltimore Co or even A.A.Co? (Gunpowder, Susquehanna, Patapsco, etc..) I know it’s early in the season, but was just hoping to get an idea of any potential future club active closer to my work.


Oh yea,

and my name is Chris

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Hey Chris, Patapsco is an

Hey Chris, Patapsco is an awesome trail system but it is a hike for me.  I think it is a bit distant for most of us. I'll let others chime in but I believe that MORE has a bit more influence in that area.  I'll be heading to Greenbrier in the very near future. I'll keep you posted.


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