Fair Hill NRMA 2-10-13 Spry Ride RE-cap

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Fair Hill NRMA 2-10-13 Spry Ride RE-cap

Great ride yesterday, started with a 8 mile MTB road ride over to the park at Gallaher Rd. Found an enthusiastic group of riders ready for a frozen trail ride at Fair Hill. Shout out to Tracey, Linda, Sharon and Sandy, who all made a fantastic showing along with Bobby, Brian, Jim G, Bill, and Bill S. from Gore ( on the big orange "Unit", steel single speed) Definately old school, but with a carbon fork?. It was super fast and fun, rolled out through Five Bridges , Crackhead, down to Smith Mill up Roller Coaster, Connector, Drunkin Sailor, Punctured Lung, up Horse Jump, Barneys, over to Scary house, across the field and up the Park Way, Narure Center to the Orange, Skip a Trail (tree down at the top of Skip a Trail), Orange (Jersey Turnpike) and around the Stables to Saw Mill, about 11:00 the trails started to get loose and fortunately our ride was done. Enjoyed the eight mile road ride home, sun was out temps were in the high thirties, perfect day to ride your bike!

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