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Forum Upgrades

The following are upgrades that would make the forums more manageable and interactive:


  1. Notifications - a system that alerts users that a thread has been responded to via email alerts.  These function only when subscribed to.
  2. Private Messages - allows users to have discussions in private.

Ability to create custom user groups - we need to assign more specific controls than we currently can. The permission policies we have are too broad. What keeps us from assigning permissions on a per user basis? If this is not possible, can more access policies be created and customized?



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Forum Upgrades

Noifications are goodidea in my opinion.

Privatemessages are better left to off site posts, personal email, etc. no need to have "private" messages on our "Public" Forum

Just my opinion,

thanks, chris, possum out


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I  understand your position,

I  understand your position,  Chris. I support it.  No PMs  but we do,  very much,  need  notifications.


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