Franklin Township - Keen Farm Trail Clearing Project

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Franklin Township - Keen Farm Trail Clearing Project

We have some exciting opportunities in Franklin and London Grove Townships in Pennsylvania.  Chester County created a plan for land acquisitions that would allow trail connectivity throughout the county.  The Trail Spinners are interested in partnering with the townships to help them develop the trail systems.  I'm hoping the PA based cycling and hiking community will help with trail development.  Below is information Keen Farm Trail Clearing Project.

Franklin Township is hosting a Trail Clearing Event on Saturday March 23 (Rain Date Sunday 3/24) on the Keen Farm.  The Keen Farm was preserved in early 2012 and the Keens have generously agreed to a public trail easement which will allow the public to view and traverse portions of their picturesque farm on foot, bike or horse.  We need volunteers to spend a few hours to help clear the trail.  Useful tools are chain saws, loppers, iron rakes, shovels, DR Brush mowers and any other tool to help clear heavy brush.  Please bring whatever tool you feel comfortable using.  Wear gloves and long pants.  Bring water and snacks.




Parking will be near the intersection of Church Hill Road and Auburn Road.  The trail starts on Creek Road near Church Hill Road and crosses Auburn Road near 453 Auburn Road. 




If you are interested in helping, please RSVP to Sharon at or by calling 610-255-5212. Because of the nature of the work and the danger of the tools and machinery involved we are asking children to refrain from attending.  




Keen Trail Clearing


March 23 (rain date 3/24)


8:00 am until 3:00 pm (or as your schedule permits)


Park at Church Hill and Auburn Road intersection


 (Near 453 Auburn Road, Landenberg 19350)





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Email sent. Ricardo

Email sent.


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