Ipod Touch 32GB Gen 5 For Sale

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Ipod Touch 32GB Gen 5 For Sale

I have a very good condition Ipod Touch 5th (latest) generation. It has 32GB of storage. Basically, it’s an Iphone 5 without the cellular capability. It has built in camera, speaker, WiFi etc.

With a handlebar mount and a Bluetooth GPS, it can be used as a bike computer training aid with apps like Strava etc.

These retail for $300+. I am not the original owner. I only used it for about a week, then Apple unexpectedly partially warranteed my own water-damaged original Ipod, therefore I don't need this second replacement.

It operates flawlessly, screen is unscractched, I'll though in a case and some screen protectors.

Unfortunately, it has the name of the original owner engraved on the back, that's the only negative to this that I know of.

$225 firm. Newark area. PM me or call 302.519.0442 if interested.

iPod is such a good thing to

iPod is such a good thing to have but it is also one of the most expensive. - Integrity Spas

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