June 2008 General Club Meeting

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June 2008 General Club Meeting

The race is coming! The race is coming! We need volunteers! Contact
Mark Moran if you can help out at the race. We can't fund the
activities that we do as a group without the race.

Iron Hill park is now open. The upper trail section was "decimated"
by some of the changes that the park officials made, Jim Ireland has
some proposals for changes that he'll be presenting.

Middle Run - the "super log" is almost done. There will be an
observation area near the bird sanctuary.
Bank of America trail days will be held on 12 and 18 June.

Treasurer's Report
$4829 - main account
$5689 - money market
$10234 - bridge fund

Note: Race expenses have not yet been paid.

The IMBA World Summit will be held in Park City, UT starting 21 June.
This is an opportunity to learn more about IMBA's work on trails and
advocacy. Jim Ireland will have a condo for the summit and has space
available, contact him for more details.

Poker Run will be held on 28 June. Volunteers are needed for
registration and arrowing. A flyer covering the poker run and the
race are on the web site (http://www.trailspinners.org/). We will be
charging $10, which will be donated.

Race - We had a discussion of the entry fees to be charged. We settled on:
$40 - pro/elite
$35 - most riders
$25 - beginner first time / novice
$?? - juniors

Next meeting: 8 July - Final race preparation.

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