March 2008 General Club Meeting

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March 2008 General Club Meeting

Delaware Trail Spinners - March 2008 Meeting

14 Attendees

Our dear president is in Utah skiing, so Mark Moran is presiding

Ex-president Todd Forest is here with bells on.

A 1700-acre parcel adjacent to Fair Hill is up for sale. The area
may become new parkland.

Meetings on Iron Hill continue (next meeting 5 March, 7PM at Iron
Hill Museum). Local residents are happy that the park has closed.
The park will open in the spring with a bark park and a disc golf course.
The residents also feel that mountain cyclists are a positive influence
on the park.

Ride Iron Hill during the winter. 6.5 mile loop, better than riding
Middle Run in the mud. Friends of Iron HIll will be discussed
at the meeting, maps are being worked on. Iron Hill is renowned for
orienteering (could be the iron that messes with the compasses).


15 people came out for the White Clay Park Watch meeting. It was
significant to have mountain bikers there.

Can we do anything more to prevent people from riding when it's
too wet to ride? Signage could be improved, and the rangers
have been telling people.


Ray c. is taking on the task of refreshing and updating our web
site. We're trying to find ways to get weather / trail conditions
on the site.


Barney has an assistant for trail work at Fair Hill. Frank Walter
from Elk Neck will be working at FH.


The Middle Run bridge fund has $10K of the $40K needed.


There is a second race at Fair Hill this year. Bike Line is
sponsoring this MASS series race.

Our race is Sunday, 13 July. We're always looking for volunteers,
and it's never to early to try to get your friends / neighbors /

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