May 2008 General Club Meeting

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May 2008 General Club Meeting

Meeting Minutes

The race is coming up in July and we need volunteers for all
functions! Contact Mark Moran to volunteer.

$4829 in checking, with $500 to Friend of Iron Hill pending
$10K in Middle Run Bridge Fund, $1100 in contributions pending

Iron Hill
- Trees have been cut down for disc golf course
- 2 new bark parks have been installed

Introduction to MTB at Brandywine High School this Friday

Work parties with Bank of America
- One was held recently
- Two more coming, May 8 and May 15 at White Clay. Non-BOA employees
also welcome.

Elk Neck
- Park needs volunteer hours for state funding
- Trail system has been improved from what you may remember
- Trails are in perfect shape right now!

Poker Run
- Coming up on June 28

- Todd had more bells available at the meeting
- We appear to be one of only 2 clubs in the US that gives away bells!

- There have been break-ins of vehicles at Possom Hill and at Judge Morris
- There were valuables in view, thieves targeted credit cards
- Be careful out there.

13 attendees

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