MTB101 rides?

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MTB101 rides?

Hello all, my name is Brian and I came across this site looking for a group to try some trail riding with. I live in Newark and own an entry level Trek MTB that I bought on impulse at Bikeline that has virtually no dirt on it at all and is generally being neglected. I was wondering if there will be any of the MTB101 rides coming up in the spring that I could join in on? I didn't see anything listed in the upcoming events but I realize this site is fairly new. Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you face to face in the not too distant future.


Group rides will start up in

Group rides will start up in a couple weeks. Not sure about the MTB 101. Keep an eye on this site. Looking forward to these and hope to see you out there.

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Welcome, Brian!

Welcome, Brian!

As Chip mentioned, group rides will resume as Daylight Savings goes into effect.  A bit later in the Spring, expected the MTB 101 courses to resume.  In the meantime, come to the meeting this Tuesday at 8pm @ McGlynns.


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Yes, there will be a bunch of MB101s this season.  Still working out the schedule, but the first one will likely be April 27th at Fair Hill.  Others will be at White Clay and Lums Pond.

As others have said, the Tuesday (Fair Hill) and Wednesday (White Clay) rides will start in a few weeks and are beginner friendly.


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Tentative Schedule


April 27 - Fair Hill                                                                                      

May 11 – White Clay                                                                                                

June 2 – Lums Pond                                                                                               

July 14 – White Clay

August 4 – Fair Hill

September 8 – White Clay 

October 6 – Lums Pond


Thanks for the warm welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'm going to try to make the Fair Hill Ride next Tuesday, what bike I ride will depend on how weak willed I am with my tax return at the local bike shops.


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New Bike

Brian, Several local shops have spring sales. In Newark, Wooden Wheels has a sale this weekend. The following weekend Bike Line has their annual sale. Henry's Bike Shop likely has a spring sale as well. Check their web site. You can get info on these shops here in the forums section under Partners/supporters

Thanks for the tip, I was

Thanks for the tip, I was actually in Wooden Wheels last weekend and they gave me the heads up about the upcoming sale. I am trying to convince myself to wait until next season to upgrade as I could increase my budget quite a bit, then hopefully I won't feel the need to upgrade every season. Last years sale had me walking out with my current cyclocross bike.


Skills Clinics

Hey Brian, 

I'm posting in some other places, but I thought I'd mention that I'm putting on some skills clinics on March 16th. One is on cornering and the other is racing fundamentals. The Second one may not seem as relevant but we'll be doing some fun exercises that will help handling and confidence. Come check it out if you can!


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