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new guy

I have had a interest in biking for awhile now.

i am looking for a bike to get started with, nothing to expensive but dont really know what to look for.

what are the things i need to look for, think aabout?



I think the best option by

I think the best option by far is to go to one of the bike stores linked to this site and ask them every question you can think of. They can run you through all of your options.

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I agree with Chip, Robert.

I agree with Chip, Robert.

Check out the local bike shops and you're sure to find the bike for you.  Check out our "Supporters" page for some of the local shops.  Click HERE for an interactive Google map.

One last thing, please sign your name at the end of your posts.  Thanks!


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I just dont want to walk in

I just dont want to walk in and have someonetry and throw me into a much more expensive bike jst to makd a commission. Trying to get info first from other sources




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New Bike


All of our local bike stores have knowledgable staff who are open and friendly. My experience is that they will not try to front load you with more bike than you need, Just the opposite, if you give them a budget number, your skill level, and the type of riding that you wish to do, they will give you a recommendation that fits your needs. They have no incentivve to do otherwise, because all of our local bike stores know that their real opportunity is in establishing a long term relationship. Once you get the cycling bug, the way we do you'll be in your LBS every week. Good Luck, you really can't make a bad choice here in our area all of the LBS offer great service, products, & value.

Ill stop by sometime I guess,

Ill stop by sometime I guess, I live and work less that 5 min walk to Henry's in polly drummond shopping center so ill prob check there first.

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Henry;s Bike Shop

Good Luck Bob, I know Matt will take good care of you, check out those Niner bikes, soo-weeet!

Havent stopped up the shop

Havent stopped up the shop yet but was thinking, i still have my ironman byt huffy from the mid to late 90s.

Would it be worth it to just buy new tires, tubes, brakes, and whatever else it needs? Or just buy new/used?



I would bring it in to Matt

I would bring it in to Matt and let him lay out your options for you.


Some people are very

Some people are very important in the field. It will also inspired newbies. - YOR Health

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