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Dave Liss


Is there some way to get notifications of all posts made to the Trailspinners forums?  With some of the earlier communications tools, like the Yahoo group and Facebook, I always received a notification in my email when a post was made.  That way, I would not have to check multiple locations to keep up with with communication - it was all delivered to my inbox.


With the new site forums, there does not seem to be a way to get notifications of all posts sent to my email inbox.  I typically do not get to the website to search through the forums on a regular basis.  Without email notifications, it seems that communication will actually decline for me as more communication transitions to the web forums and cannot be forwarded to my inbox.


If we're able to get notifications of forum posts in our email inboxes, it seems that we can choose where we access the club communications and it will be easier to keep up to date on club communication.

Please let me know if this can be implemented.



leoferus leoferus's picture
I absolutely agree with you

I absolutely agree with you Dave.  Thank you for your feedback.  I'm working on getting our webmaster to implement a solution.


Ricado Gomez
Trail Spinners Race Director
IMBA Certified Level 2 Instructor
Cyclist ;-)

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Ditto, chris

Kim Jacob
Notifications are important

Notifications are important and in a certain forum this will always be available. - Dennis Wong

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