October 2008 General Club Meeting

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October 2008 General Club Meeting

Delaware Trail Spinners – October 2008 Meeting


*Constitution Change*


The current constitution requires 6 hours of volunteering and attendance at

4 of 6 meetings.  The meeting requirement is a big impediment to growing the club.


The proposal involves linking up with IMBA and becoming a paid club.   $30

or 12 hours of volunteering.  Our $30 includes an IMBA membership (which costs $30 on its own).


The new constitution can be found in the files section of the Yahoo group.


We may currently be under insured, and this plan helps cover those expenses.

Also, we may want to pay for professional planning advice for new trails on newly opened lands.


In PA, there are new lands opening up but there are differences of opinion on what shape the trails should take.  For some, a multi-use trail is 10'

wide, not ideal for mountain biking. [Chris]


Nottingham Park has contacted EMS to try to get rides going and opening up their trails.


Unfortunately, some of the officials in charge of creating trails are not experts on trails.


We're seeing an increasing use of the trails, which we need to encourage.   We

hope that the membership change will give us the power to encourage these changes.


The club voted on the change and it was approved.




*EMS Club Days*


Eastern Mountain Sports is interested in hosting an event where Trail Spinners members would be present at the shop offering information about the club and will give 20% off for club members.  Non-members can join the club on that day and get the discount.  We would need volunteers to staff the table and represent the club.  Peak times are late Friday afternoon / early evening and Sunday afternoon.  We should have both men and women at the table.  Be sure to include a specific goal, such as the bridge fund, so that people know where their donations are going.  Suggestion: bring tools as props to show some of what we do.


The other group being invited is the Tri-State Bird Rescue.




*Mountain Bike Jamboree*


Sunday, 2 November (just after the time change!!!)


This is an opportunity to get lots of mountain bikers from the area out into the woods.  Rides start at 10AM.  We need volunteers to lead rides into the woods.  This makes the trails much more accessible to new riders.  Last year, we had 200 riders attend.


We need help with food for the picnic after the ride.  There is no charge for the jamboree, but we do accept donations.  Haddie Smith will coordinate the food.  Tim will be coordinating entertainment.  We need a Huffy to destroy.  Anyone know a band that will play for free?


If we want to have a swap meet at the Jamboree, we need a coordinator.


for a kids ride.


There is no rain date – if there is significant rain, the event will be cancelled until next year.




*Tree Plant – 25 October*


Fall tree plant at Middle Run, sponsored by the Delaware Nature Society, is on Saturday, 25 October.  It's a lot of fun, goes quickly, and helps create the forest that you may be riding in years to come.




*Bridge Fund*


As detailed below, our bridge fund is over $15K.  We'll be working with the state to buy the bridge.  The bridge will be 140' long, which is needed to keep the bridge out of the watershed and lessen the possibility of the bridge washing away as has happened before.  There will be plants on the banks to help restore the area after the bridge goes in.  (No, you won't be able to ride around the bridge.)




*Treasurer's Report*


Account Type


Available Balance


Money Market




Bridge Fund










*Election 2009*


The position of club secretary will be available for 2009.  If you're interested, please contact Jim Irelend.






Todd's truck got broken into at the church parking lot.  They watched him hide his key and took his cell phone, wallet, and clothes.  Please take your keys with you when you ride.




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