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The party

I just wanted to shout out to Dave and Karl, as well as everyone else who helped get the end of year party together. It was a great evening. I didn't even have to get dirty, sweaty, fall down, out of breath or cramp up in order to enjoy some brew with you great folk.

Agree, great party! Dave "I'm

Agree, great party! Dave "I'm probably sleeping on the couch" Schindler and Karl "MC" Lehman did a great job pulling it together. Definately need to make it an annual event.




It was definitely a fun time, and didn't take a ton of effort to pull together.  Has anybody actually seen Dave S since the party??


I will admit to taking

I will admit to taking recovery day Saturday.


A party is thrown before the

A party is thrown before the event is done to talk more about it. - Integrity Spas

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