POKER RUN in support of Brian Fults Fund, Ride Leaders, volunteers and other stuff.

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POKER RUN in support of Brian Fults Fund, Ride Leaders, volunteers and other stuff.


Everything is coming together for this years Poker Run in support of Brian Fults Fund. We have volunteers; confirming last minute donations, maintaining trails, picking up sponsor gifts, printing out programs, getting posters made, loading up on beer and ice, as we speak. Another group of fifteen to twenty volunteers will be at Fair Hill at 5:30 this evening to arrow the course.(Don't forget stalpe gun, satchel, trimmers &/or folding saw). We also have folks getting the food ready, loading up auction & raffle items, delivering tables, etc. So it looks like a total TEAM effort by our volunteers.

Tomorrow we have a small army of dedicated volunteers coming out to help set up, direct parking, serve and prepare food, serve frosty cups of Twin Lakes Pale Ale, organize auction items, lead kids & adult games and lead rides. So it's a total team effort tomorrow as well, two areas I still need help; Kids ride, I need a leader & sweep, Kids games , I need a couple teenagers to help Kelli Tyrell, and last but not least, if any one would like to MC, that would be great! I can do it, but who wants to listen me all day??? Think about it and give me a quick call if you can help. 302-218-0143 Thanks, chris 

Awesome job Chris, Bob, Bill

Awesome job Chris, Bob, Bill and everyone else. Lots of fun. It was a pleasure to hear Brian speak. I give that man huge props.

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2013 POKER RUN in support of the BRIAN FULTS FUND

Thanks Bud, tip of the cap to my biggest supporter Alan Turns, his lovely wife Teri, Scotty, Andy, Jim Ireland, Bob Gaston, Bill Spry, Rachel Temby, Wayne Suydam, the Fults family, Carol, The Beer Wynches, Brian, Sharon, Shane, Ricardo, Jenn, The Bloom Family, The Vetterlien Family, Weaver Cycle Works, Lone Wolf Cycling Apparel, all of our other sponsors, and all of the other volunteers who made this event possible. Lastly my heartfelt thanks goes out to Brian Fults who was our inspiration and our hero! Respect, chris 

Riding a bike is not that

Riding a bike is not that easy. It will took us a lot of time to know how to balance. - YOR Health

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