Recap Fair Hill NRMA Night Ride 2-21-13

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Recap Fair Hill NRMA Night Ride 2-21-13

Just when I thought it was safe.... and smack daddy, there goes flippin' Todd up to Scary House, over to Little Egypt... with a vengence. Wow, not as many cars as I thought.... sha-bang three riders rode into the park for our ride! Just when I thought we were settling in... down goes Fat marc with a mechanical and pop, Todd's off the front.....time to ride the double track back,... and now.... ready for the recovery... and Mango-jango here comes the Troegg's Nugget Nectar, ahhhhhh that tasted good,.... nice!

Next week; same bat time, same bat pace, come get some!

this post ride recap courtesy of your friendly neighborhood possumrider,  chris out!



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Chris, Todd, Marc, everyone;

Chris, Todd, Marc, everyone;

I was outclassed, by far on this ride.  I thank Fatmarc for hanging with me and "pushing" me to get up with the group.  He might have manufactured that mechanical just to save my life.  Chris, it was classy of you to drop back and hang with me as well. That's not what a good ride leader does, that's what a great ride leader does. Even though I was strugging to keep up I would do it again, and again...  but it's okay if you guys drop me.  I know my way around.


Ricado Gomez
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Cyclist ;-)

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Fair Hill Night Ride 2-21-13

Ricardo, You got it, won't be long now, you're on the "fast" track, ha ha!

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