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Ride Leaders

It's that time of year again. The new year comes, temperatures drop, and the trails turn for the worse. Yet before you know it, Spring will be here and our weekly group rides will return with a vengence. Trail Spinner's group rides are how many of us first get involved with the club. When I first started riding, there were a group of dedicated Trail Spinners who were there for me, waiting for me to catch up, patiently showing me how to navigate obstacles, and teaching me where to ride. Ever wonder what goes into this effort, what it takes to be a ride leader? Well wait no longer, the answer is here: VOLUNTEERS! So if you own a bike and like to ride why not come out and help us provide this year's class of newbies a share of the joy, the fun, and the satisfaction of mountain biking. The ride leader committe will be holding a meeting next month for you to learn how you can pass it on to the newcomer and share your experience and enthusiasm for mountain biking. More info to follow, thanks, possum out.


PS If you would like to be on our list of Contacts for the pre-season organizational meeting, contact me at chrisjackson479@gmail.com



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Ride Leaders Meeting 2-20-13

Trail Spinner Ride Leaders,

             Tonight is our Annual Ride Leaders Meeting, 6:30pm at McGlynns. Many of you have confirmed that you will attend, however some of you may not be able to. So if you can’t make it, I have attached our Ride Leaders Guide and ride waivers for MD & DE. We will be reviewing this tonight, so if you have any questions please email me here; chrisjackson479@gmail.com . For those of you attending tonight’s meeting, I will have copies of the Ride Leaders Guide and waivers available for you.

This year we will be promoting a Ride Leaders Rewards program. This program will provide an opportunity for qualifying Ride Leaders to receive a Trail Spinners Jersey courtesy of the club. The qualifying Ride Leaders will lead 15 of our regularly schedule club rides; Monday-Lums Pond (B or C), Tuesday- Gallaher Rd. (A, B, or C), Wednesday-Judge Morris (A, B, or C), and Thursday-North Appleton (A, B, or Woman’s). You will be able to document your rides by sending me the signed ride waiver for the rides which you lead. We also have some limited spots available for MTB Level 2 Skills course, lead by Harlan Price with Take Aim Cycling. This course will be held this Sunday, 2-24-13 @ 10 am, weather permitting (rain date 3-3-13). There are fifteen spots available so the first fifteen to contact me shall be registered for the event. We hope to offer additional skills training later in the year and provide all of you with a chance to hone your skills.

            Please contact me and let me know which day(s) and/or ride(s) you are interested in, so I can give your contact info to the Ride Coordinators for the various rides, Monday-Bill Batchelor, Tuesday-Bob Gaston, Wednesday-James Tyrell, and Thursday-Chris Jackson. I want to thank all of you for stepping up and helping us provide regular club rides to club members and mountain biking community in general, here in the Tri-state area!

            Regards, chris  

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Ride Leaders Skills Course

Amazing day today at Fair Hill. Great group of the Trailspinners ride leaders came out for a Sills Course with Harlan Price from Take Aim Cycling. WE gained a new perspective and some insightful training in balanced position, ready position, bike handling, left to right as well as for and aft, cornering, manuals, wheelies, various drops, and cokpit setup. I found I was able to learn something in all of these areas, so it was a rewarding course for me. Ranger Kricker stopped by during the course in support of our event. After the course Harlan joined us for a ride around Fair Hill. We had a great time and were able to apply some of our new skills on the trail. 

There are lots of good

There are lots of good leaders in the field and they are very willing to help. - Review Solution

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