September 2008 General Club Meeting

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September 2008 General Club Meeting

DTS Meeting Notes – September 2008


There's a new White Clay Creek State Park map, available at the park office, which features up-to-date trails and topography.  It's very nicely done.


Treasurer's Report:

Trailspinners Money Market - $19,706.74

Bridge Fund- $12,483.80

Trailspinners Checking- $6,748.25


There are still some outstanding race bills to be paid.


The bridge fund is doing well.  We will pay the first $15K, the state will pay the remaining $25K.  The location has been scouted and is close to a decision.  The area is near the stepping stones and the fire pit.  The bridge may go in late in December.  The bridge will be 100' long with 3" thick pressure treated lumber for the decking.


Our Intro to Mountain Biking class is in the state's activities guide.

 We're an official state program.


There was a board meeting in August.  There was a discussion of having a barbeque in October, the 19th or 26th.


There may be plaques in Middle Run indicating that the DTS maintains the trails.  The wording of the plaque is to be determined.


There is a discussion of an introductory-level  skills area in Whitley Farms in White Clay.  The area has been approved and is 1.3 acres in size.  We will need to submit a proposal to the state to make this happen.  Proposed: Chris, Tim,  Chip and Dave form a sub-committee to work on this project.  Will we be liable?  No – the stat would have responsibility.


Inspecting the existing skills trail – we need to periodically inspect the skills trail to make sure that it is safe.  Chip says that there would need to be some training on how to inspect the features before inspections can begin.  Among the members who have volunteered to inspect the skills trail: Dave, Tim, Mark Loch, Steve Madsen, Chip.


There will be two Bank of America trail days in September.


Todd asks about donations for the fall, including the Middle Run Tree Plant.


There is a nationwide bike ride listing to keep people up to date on rides. (CycleVelo or something like that – search for rides by zip code).  A link will be distributed.


We're looking for shop liaisons – people to visit local bike shops.

They would deliver brochures, info on rides, etc.  Could we do a monthly news sheet that we could distribute to local shops?


The board discussed changes to the membership – there will be a paid option and a volunteer option.  The motivation is to try to make us able to do new things – with a paid system, we could pay for pro trail maintenance, pay for trail layout, etc.  We need to increase membership to be able make these things happen.  Being able to say that we are a club of 100 or 200 members would mean a lot to some of the agencies that we work with.


PIMBA has > 300 paying members ($25 / year).


Another idea – a 'biker chicks' sub-group to attract riders who may be intimidated by the typical all-guy hammer ride.


If we're going to include an IMBA membership, can we get IMBA to help us grow our club by contacting people on their mailing list in our area?


Suggestion – women's ride at the Jamboree.  We have volunteers to lead this ride.


We need a flyer for the Jamboree – 2 November.



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