Sunday Morning Slowroll, FHNRMA Gallaher Lot

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Sunday Morning Slowroll, FHNRMA Gallaher Lot

Hello My name is Timmy Grimme and I am not a racer.

I am an all year patron of Fair Hill and have become familiar with the wonderful trail system. I enjoy riding in a social setting but am not into the A/B/C stuff the group publicizes. If you want to have some fun trail riding. I leave from the Gallaher lot around 0730 every week. If its a soaking driving rain there will be no ride. If its rained within 24 hours, we'll probably do fire roads and gravel. I volunteer for trail maintenance and have had a hand in building new, re-routing, and clearing up after many storms. While I enjoy trail work parties in the woods, adding to the work load by riding under less than ideal conditions and damaging trails is just wrong-headed. 

So if you want to ride with a group and maybe learn some fun routes show up and be ready to ride at 0730 funday morning year round. usually post a slow roll message to the trailspinners FB page and a local informal ride info page. Hope to see you out there.

Hey Timmy, I might be up for

Hey Timmy, I might be up for some social riding if I can drag myself out of bed that early on the weekends. Do you have an idea of what kind of mileage/time you stay out for?


slowrool mileage...

Hello Brian,

We start at 730 and are back to the lot between 930 and 1030. usually do between 8-16 miles depending on how folks feel, bike breakdowns, weather. This February we had one day that was only 3.5 miles cause it was sooooo cold (-22F) and one dude had the flu. Speak up, say you're ready to head back and we will circle back to the lot. If other want to get more miles they can do more, no worries. Yeah the early thing is tough for some. I'm usually awake around 430 every day so this is sleeping in for me. Gets me back home when the rest of the house is getting going and I spend the rest of it with them. If you want to show up later, let me know and we'll circle back to the lot and you can jump in. cheers.


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