Thanks for the Wednesday ride

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Thanks for the Wednesday ride

To all who were out on the Wednesday beginner ride, thanks for having me along. I had some fun, crashed once, got up and had some more fun, recovered from almost crashing a second time, had some more fun, felt like I was going to lose a lung climbing the last uphill section then had a little more fun before making it back to the lot. It was definitely a learning experience after not being on a mountain bike in over 12 years. I know this group has a lot to do with maintaining the local trails and they were great.

Huge thank you to whoever it was who hung out in back with me and occasionally (possibly often) yelled at me to get my butt out of the seat (sorry, I'm terrible with names). I hope to see you all out there again.



(the slow guy wearing the yellow shirt)

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I wasn't on the ride the Wednesday, so I wasn't the one yellin' at the back, but welcome to Trailspinners! You'll be amazed how with a little concerted effort, even 1 or 2 rides a week, the progress you'll make. So keep coming out for our group rides and enjoy trails. We're all really glad to have you with us!

chris, possum out

Trying new things is not bad.

Trying new things is not bad. What is important is to have something that is good. - YOR Health

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