Thursday Appleton North; A, B & Women's Ride offered

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Thursday Appleton North; A, B & Women's Ride offered

Thursday evening: (weather permitting) leaves from the North Appleton Road Parking lot at Fair Hill at 6:00pm sharp.

A Ride: Advanced pace, 9-11+ mph, early March & late October rides will start with a 5:30 pm (or sometimes earlier) prologue, returning to the parking area about 5:55 to pick up riders. Riders need to know terrain and trail system or ride with a "buddy" who does.This is a faster paced ride and riders may get dropped from time to time. 


B Ride: Sport/Competitive Beginner: 8-10 mph this pace is for the average rider with a season or more of experience under their belt and the desire to push the pace a bit. Riders at this level are often starting to further refine their bike handling skills. While not a race pace, moderate rides are considerably faster than casual rides and tend to offer few if any regular rest breaks. All riders are required to wear a helmet, be 18 yrs. old and sign our waiver to participatE.


Women's Ride: Average speed 7-8 mph - Terrain at the discretion of ride leader but can include some challenging hills in addition to flats and rollers.Comfortable with sustained output at moderate pace for 1 -2 hours with ocassional rest.  Ride leader regroups as necessary.

CONTACT INFO;, or call at C-302-218-1043
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