Trail Conditions 01/09/13

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Trail Conditions 01/09/13

During this season, it is difficult to gauge when it is okay to ride or not.  Currently, the ground holds water.  The vegetation isn't absorbing much of it and evaporation is not as effective at lower temperatures.  So, when the ground isn't frozen, we do a lot of damage to the trails when we ride.  Please use common sense.  If the trails are soupy/muddy/soft... you get the picture.  Stay off.  We have the option of riding fire roads, road, etc.  I write this representing myself and not the Trail Spinners.  But I'm pretty sure that all of the volunteers tasked with fixing the ruts will appreciate your consideration too.


Below you will find the latest reports posted on the Yahoo groups.


We tried to ride FH this afternoon, we started from the south Appleton lot. The entrance trail down to the fire road was very wet, our tires forced the water from the ground as we rode. This is not good, we then tried to ride the "Ridge Trail", this too was way too wet to ride. Again our tires forced the water from the ground. We ended up just riding the gravel and fire roads. These too were very wet in many places. We did ride around the some of the fields and roads around the stables, not great but a ride non the less. 
With the warm weather and the sun shinning, we all want to ride the trails, it is my opinion we would do more damage then fun. Being that FH is the best draining and fastest drying, I can't imagine the other parks are going to be any better.
Please tell your friends, both local and from out of town that the trails are not good for FUN riding. Bottom line, the sun may be shinning, but the trails aren't drying. Go ride your bike on the road, it may not be all that much fun, but a ride non the less.

My two cents,

Todd Forrest




Rippa and I hiked Brandywine this afternoon and it was the same......pure soup. Please help by staying off the trails. 

Bill Batchelor

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Trail Conditions 1-09-13

Great news! We just confirmed Thursday's Night Ride at Fair Hill with Ranger Temby, our VBP Liason. She reports that Fair Hill's trail tech, Andy was out riding this morning and reports that the trails are firming up. The trails should be in good, not great condition for our Thursday Night Ride,(as long as we don't get anymore precipitation). Just a reminder; Fair Hill will be closed Monday &Tuesday, 1-14 &1-15 for a managed deer hunt.- possum out

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