Wednesday Evening Beginner

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Wednesday Evening Beginner

Wednesday Evening Beginner Ride White Clay/Middle Run;  Ride is co-sponsored by Eastern Mountain Sports and the Trail Spinners of DE, MD, & PA, .  Ride leaves Judge Morris parking lot at 5:30PM, sharp! Parking fee is charged. Riders of all skill leves are welcomed. Beginners are encouraged to attend and the length of ride, route and pace will  be adjusted as needed. Join us after the ride up the road at McGlynns Pub for a sandwich and brew after the ride. 


While we call this a beginner ride, but it's not limited to just beginners. Usually there's a good mix of abilities and there's lots of advice and tips to be shared. This is a good ride to start out with and see how your abilities compare to other riders.

B+ Ride: Average speed 9 - 11 mph - Terrain and ride length similar to A category. Ride leader regroups as necessary. Must be comfortable with sustained challenging pace for 2 + hours, including long periods of anaerobic exercise. Advanced pace, 9-11+ mph, early March & late October rides will start with a 5:00 pm (or sometimes earlier) prologue, returning to the parking area about 5:25 to pick up riders. 

B Ride: Sport/Competitive Beginner: 8-10 mph this pace is for the average rider with a season or more of experience under their belt and the desire to push the pace a bit. Riders at this level are often starting to further refine their bike handling skills. While not a race pace, moderate rides are considerably faster than casual rides and tend to offer few if any regular rest breaks. All riders are required to wear a helmet, be 18 yrs. old and sign our waiver to participate.

 C Ride: Average speed 6-7 mph -  Generally rolling terrain. Some modest/moderate hills may be included at the discretion of the ride leader. Comfortable with  moderate pace but may require occasional rest.   Ride leader regroups as necessary. 

This is an easy paced ride that sometimes breaks into smaller groups according to ability. We usually try to always have an easy route back to the parking lot. Figure on 5 to 10 miles of single track with frequent stops. Nobody gets dropped. All abilities are welcome. All riders are required to wear a helmet, be 18 yrs. old and sign our waiver to participate.


CONTACT INFO; James Tyrell  or call at C-302-668-8105
A beginner can always do

A beginner can always do their best. It has something to do with patience. - Review Solution

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