Weekend rides

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Bill Spry
Weekend rides

Sat. at the Gallaher lot 10:00 2 hr. easy ride.

Sunday Elk Neck 10:30 at the camp store would say easy rode but there is no easy ride in Elk Neck

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Recap; Elk Neck Ride 2-03-13

Soo-weet snow ride at Elk Neck, Got an early loop in with "Scotty-in" Green, Farm, White Cliff, Connector, Maudlain, up the switch back & Beaver Marsh trails, returned to the Camp store just in time to join the "Spry" ride, added the Ravine, Pond loop, and climbed the Maudlain from the bottom. As usuall average speed was down, way down as we enjoyed the technical work out and snow covered vistas. Fun day! chris-possum out

Weekend rides might be a good

Weekend rides might be a good adventure however we need somebody to guide us. - Review Solution

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