Winter Training Center

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Winter Training Center

Just a heads up, Southern Chester County now has a state of the art indoor cycling center. Join me in welcomining ALLSPORT CYCLING to our area. Pete Fickinger, local CAT2 road racer, has just opened his new facility here in West Grove, Pa. He is an accomplished rider, coach, and mentor. Pete offers sessions, coaching, and group rides. He is available through out the week and is committed to offering other coaches and groups access to this state of the art facility. I can vouch for the results, I've seen about a 15% increase in my power rating in just four weeks ! Pete also caters to Tri-atheletes, scholastic athletes, and a wide range sports training. Note to parents; Pete is working with a number of high school athletes and helping them to get off season training, tailored to their individual needs. 

Check it out HERE:

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