2014 Fair Hill Race Course Maps and GPX files!

08/02/2014 - 1:22pm

The Fair Hill Classic Maps are available. These are subject to change.  Mileages are approximate.  Right click to save when applicable. *** South Park is out of the race for all categories until further notice.***

2014 Fair Hill Classic Race Course Maps (The type you print)

Endurance Loop GPX - Provided by Shane Pasley - Almost 97.8% accurate.  Use map if looking for the extra 2.2%.

CAT 1 GPX - 97.4% accurate - Provided by Shane Pasley

CAT 2 GPX - 98.9% accurate - Provided by "El Toro"

CAT 3 GPX - 95% accurate - Provided by "El Toro" - Being edited by Bob Gaston to increase accuracy.

Novice GPX - 98.9% accurate - Provided by Bob Gaston




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