40+ Volunteers at the June 18, 2016 Middle Run and White Clay Work Party

06/18/2016 - 9:58pm
Trail Maintenance

Great turnout with 40+ volunteers. 


Thank you Bob Oswald, Ken Cox, Mike Johnston, Bob Gaston, Dave Duncan, and Karl Lehman for leading today.  Definitely helped us get the crews out of the parking lot quick.


Thanks to every who gave up some riding time today so our next ride is a little more enjoyable.


Next time you see John Hays, Robert Bertling, Melinda Bertling, Audrey Bertling, Linus Bertling, Danielle Vennard, Amber Becht, Greg Becht, Dave Sokola, Ken Robinson, Noel Borres, Ian Borres, Scott Hurst, Brenda Hurst, Andy Bloom, Greg Ciarlo, Joe Marsico, John Williams, Dirk Lord, Jim Kim, Gail Robillard, Brian Crossan, Andy Kiess, Ross Warner, Andrew Borntreger, Andy Borntreger, Garrett Borntreger, Will Macaluso, Lynn Cox, Zoe Cox, Charlotte Cox, Roxanne Deleste, and Jet Deleste give them a big thanks.  Sorry if I missed you name let me know and it will get on the time sheet.


That’s over 160 volunteer hours in one day. 


Awesome job by everyone.  Hope you had fun.


Go ride you bikes tomorrow and checkout our work.





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