Brandywine Trail Maintenance

09/28/2015 - 9:26am
Trail Care Crew

We had an outstanding turnout for this Saturdays trail work at Brandywine State Park, Woodlawn Preserve, & First State National monument. Chris Zeliznak worked with Park Superintendent, Angle Burns to schedule the event. Brooke Derr from the First State National Monument attended our work party to observe and guide. I want to also thank Joel Flambaum, Casey Chaudhry, James Knight, Michelle Davduk, Jill Pagliei, Tomi Ogborn, Chip Mippert, John Mays, John Williams, Arturo Castillon, John Talucci who volunteered their time and effort to maintain the trails. With everyone's help we were able to clear dead falls from numerous trails; Veil of Clouds, Blue Trail, River Trail, Sweet Willie (Middle & Upper), and Boy Scout. We also had a team trimming trails with the power trimmers and raking and cleaning up debris. Well done on all accounts now go out and ride!

chris J.

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