Fair Hill's first Trail Work Day of the Year Was Awesome!

04/12/2015 - 9:09pm

That bridge to the left of the shot was on the verge of falling into the creek.  Fair Hill's management was concerned about this so they put together a plan to relocate the bridge slightly downstream where the banks are closer together and eroding much slower than where the bridge was originally placed.  

Lots of awesome people showed up to help with the project.  Here, Jim Brown can be seen hold a tool but using it... well, I had a tough time capturing a shot of him working... Just kidding!  Jim worked hard like everyone that sacrificed their Saturday morning to help Fair Hill prepare for the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons of fantastic trail rides.

Here, we have volunteers helping the Fair Hill Trail Crew to put in a log crossing.  The trail was realigned due to the relocation of the bridge.  We tried to keep the character of the area as much as possible but some changes were necessary.

Andy wanted to make them all equal length.  It was 11am, we put a stop to that.

The finished realignment.  Thank you everyone for volunteering!

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