04/10/2015 - 5:29pm
Trail Work

APRIL 11, 2015 8:45am

This weekend we will be holding the first trail maintenance day of the year at Fair Hill.  Meet at 8:45AM at the maintenance shop, 300 Tawes Drive, Elkton, MD.  With the weather forecast this week we will be focusing on moving a bridge in the upper section of 5 bridges to an altered location and moving existing rip-rap over to reinforce the banks supporting the bridge in it’s new location.  A slight re-configeration of the trail to match the new alignment will also be needed.  If we have enough people we will also send a crew or two to fix muddy spots on the 5 bridges loop.  There is some chance of rain Saturday morning so if this occurs we will cancel the work party and go have breakfast (or go to Starbucks)!   The new trail crew will be there and we could use 5-10 additional people if the weather cooperates.  Please come out if you can but realize we’re only planning a basic project (Bridge move) and the balance of the volunteers will be kicking nearby trails to allow better drainage during and after rains.  This is a good opportunity for new people to meet the FH staff, see some trail sections and learn basic trail building and maintenance skills.  Experienced Trail Spinners will be present along with the park staff to lead the work.

We are intentionally keeping the scope of this 1st work session small as many sections of the park will be in use by an equestrian event.  Most trails will not be affected but the Blue Diamond all weather loop and several fields will be utilized by this event.  There will probably be another session later in April to go over the Race Course for the upcoming Bike Line race.  We will post this session to Trail Spinners if the Race Team needs additional help to prepare the course.  Bob


April 18, 2015 9am-12pm

I need leaders for Middle Run Work Party on Saturday April 18. We have 60 students from U of D's Blue Hen Leadership Program assisting us.

Will have 2 leaders work with a group of 10 students. The groups will knick and deberm a specific section.

Let me know if you can help.



April 18 9am-12pm

I just want to let cyclists know that there is a running race at middle run from 9 to about noon and if people could choose to ride in another park that would be awesome. I am doing the race in memory of a close friend of Jeff's who was killed in a horrible car accident this past October (he was a passenger). His family lives right at the entrance of Middle Run Park so we thought this would be a great way to honor his memory. All the proceeds will go to the Local High School Scholarships and to the local volunteer fire department where he was a volunteer EMT.

Here are the links to the race, the race map and a flyer.

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