Memorandum of Understanding Signed

09/11/2014 - 12:10am
General Club Meeting

The Memorandum of Understanding between Delaware State Parks and the Trail Spinners was signed September 9, 2014.  The General Club meeting was a packed house for this historic event.  We've went from handshake agreements to a document that supports mountain biking in Delaware.  Really look forward to moving our relationship forward with this new agreement.


Hope you enjoyed the powerpoint presentation about the Trail Spinners "Past, Present, and Future".  We'll work on refining it a little more and post it on the site.  Definitely enjoyed digging through the club archives.  What a rich history of Advocating for Mountain Biking over the past 21+ years.


Want to say thanks to everyone who attended the meeting.  Some of the key people in attendence where;  Ray Bivens - Director of Parks and Recreation, Senator Dave Sokola, Representative Michael Ramone, Susan Staats - Superintendent of White Clay Creek State Park, Joy Pietschmann - Assistant Superintendent of the First State National Monument, Glen Stubbolo - Volunteer Administrator for Delaware State Parks, Chrissy Palmer - Volunteer Coordinator for Delaware State Parks, Anthony Duncan our new IMBA Regional Director, Matt Holloway from Henry's Bikeshop, Tom Harvey from Wooden Wheels, and Howard Brown from Bikeline.

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