Middle Run Work Party - Saturday August 15, 2015

08/15/2015 - 3:08pm

Great turnout at today's Middle Run Work Party. A big thanks to Joyce Miller, Bill BatchelorJill Pagliei, Ken Robinson, Joseph Marsico, Ken Cox, Tim Civatte, Rob BertlingMelinda Bertling, Audrey Bertling, Linus Bertling, Chris Yopp, Andrew Borntreger, Jenna Borntreger, Andy Borntreger, and Garrett Borntreger. Linus had a mountain biker give him $30 for the clubs hard work. Thanks to the unknown rider.

Volunteers mowed, trimmed and knicked multiple trails.  You should see a difference on Paper Mill Connector, Double Horse Shoe, Earth Day, Chestnut Hill, Lenape, and David English.


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