Saturday June 27 Trail Cleanup

06/28/2015 - 7:58am

With the heavy rain and wind Saturday it’s likely that there will once again be fallen trees of all sizes on our local trails. For those of you new to the area Delaware and Maryland handle trail cleanup in different ways:

Delaware (White Clay Creek, Middle Run, Lums, Brandywine and National Monument, Iron Hill and Rittenhouse. Volunteers who have been ”chain saw trained" by Delaware State Parks are allowed to enter these trail systems and remove fallen trees using their chain saw. All volunteers may remove fallen debris by hand saws or loppers of course. There are Trail Spinners who are trained and regularly support this effort and your help in identifying location and size of trees is greatly appreciated. Whenever possible the exact location and diameter of largest portion of the tree trunk is needed. If you can walk the trails and remove small debris and note large trees today or tomorrow please help. A geo-referenced picture is the most help. Many smart phone apps allow you to do this. A few that come to mind are Avenza-PDF Maps, Strava and Garmin Connect. Just respond to this email and we’ll get the information to those able to remove the trees.

Maryland (Fair Hill, Elk Neck State Park and Susquehanna State Park) all have park staff who remove fallen trees. Only a few Trail Spinner volunteers have been trained and approved and these are only at Fair Hill. Basically we need to get the same information to park management for the Maryland parks as above for Delaware. Once again, replying to this email with location and trunk size will help immensely as will walking the trails and removing small debris (sticks, hand saw or loppers). If you can get out on a trail and are able to clear it please also report this so others can concentrate on a different park or trail. Thanks all for your help in keeping our trail systems open for all.

ROBERT GASTON Trail Spinners of Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania

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