White Clay Creek Maintenance and Rides Events Update

05/26/2013 - 7:10am

On May 21, 2013 the State of Delaware, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control asked the Trail Spinners to enter into formal agreements before holding events in White Clay Creek State Park.  These events include Trail Spinners organized trail maintenance, MTB 101 sessions and any group rides.  The draft trail maintenance agreement set up certain requirements that are impossible for an “all volunteer” organization to manage.  The events agreement asked the club to indemnify the State of Delaware against any liability claims of any nature and of any amount.  While we hope that meetings scheduled between DNREC and Trail Spinners management will lead to significant changes in these agreements we must stop all activities related to organized trail maintenance, MTB101 sessions and all Trail Spinners organized group rides originating in White Clay Creek State Park until further notice.   We hope to remedy this situation soon so the Trail Spinners can resume providing free services to the State of Delaware that benefit local citizens and Mountain Biking enthusiasts. 

As of this morning only White Clay Creek State Park requires agreements for group events.  We will contact Lums Pond State Park and Brandywine Creek State Park to determine if they also require similar agreements and will advertise any changes prior to the upcoming MTB 101 and group rides at these venues.

In the meantime any individuals interested in trimming or other trail maintenance activities please contact the Park Manager for advanced approval.  Links for White Clay Creek, Brandywine and Lums State Parks follow:

Brandywine Creek State Park – 302 577 3534

Lums Pond State Park – 302 368 6989

White Clay Creek State Park – 302 368 6900

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