Rant: Who's graveling the trails, bro?!

10/30/2015 - 8:37am
Trail Advocacy

Proposed First State Trails and Pathways Plan

If we wish to have an intelligent discussion regarding the trail building and modifications occurring around us we should educate ourselves.  The document listed here is what I found to be publicly available regarding the plans Delaware State is executing via DNREC and DelDot.




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The "What's going on in my parks..." posts are warranted but I can't help but point out that this is where we are falling short as a community.  These actions are occurring as a result of our poor presence at meetings and limited involvement in the processes that affect the trails we ride.

So, let's start by reading.  We can't undo what has been done but we can influence the future.  Like with the night-riding workshop, questionnaire, etc, we need to be strategic and vocal.  I have not visited this new feature in Bryant's Field.  I don't know what it's like, what its purpose is, etc.  I know that I lack the knowledge and understanding required to argue regarding this matter.  I only vaguely know that the trail plan is old.  It was a political process during which the community was allowed input.  A poll campaign took place... There's a lot of history to it.  Lots of it happened before I was even a mountain biker.

So, enlighten me.  What's been done?  How is it good?  How is it bad?  What do we want to ask DNREC?  Is it permanent? Will it replace singletrack?  Are there plans to install similar tread elsewhere?  Where?  How much?

What do we want as a community?  Are we for or against these improvements?  If against, are we ready to work together to carry out a campaign against it?  Otherwise, we're just making noise that nobody that matters will listen to.  All too often we are reactive and not pro-active.  How many people read the plans for Brandywine?  How many attended the meeting?  Who submitted their opinions?  I know many that didn't will be the first to complain when the plans they didn't care to read about and oppose are carried out.  We can continue in this practice of waiting to see what happens (which is too late) or we can get involved before things happen.

Brandywine Creek Trail Plan

"Why didn't someone do something?!"  YOU are that someone that should have done something!  I bet you didn't even fill out the online survey.... what a shame.

If you are involved and doing something about something, disregard this rant.  Pat yourself on the back.

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