Middle Run Work Party - Saturday August 19, 2017 - McGlynn's Parking Lot 8:45 AM - Done

08/17/2017 - 10:06pm

We had 11 people today so we covered Priority 1 and 2. Would have liked to cover a couple more areas. Maybe next month.

Ken Robinson, Ken Cox, Johny Melita, Ryan Sutherland, Blake Chambersm and Meinrad Leckie handled Priority 1 (Lenape and Double Horseshoe). Thanks for all your hard effort.


Jim Ireland, Bill Ringer Nick Hepler, and Brokeback Christopher Jackson handled Priority 2. Weeds cut back around the berm turn plus we knicked and deberm from Day Use Lot back to last months work party area. Nice work.




Middle Run Work Party is this Saturday August 19, 2017. Enclosed is a map of the planned work areas.

Priority 1 - Lenape and Double Horseshoe (7 people)

Transport mower from Fox Den and mow Lenape + Possum Hollow. Hedgers will heavily trim transition area at field edge and down to trestle bridge (if time can head down to 65' Fiberglass Bridge). All 4 people will clear mud holes down to trestle bridge than split into two groups. One group of two continues on Double Horseshoe to muddy corner past the log skinny. The other group of two cross trestle bridge down to Fiberglass Bridge (if time clear mud hole across bridge and mud hole in the dip heading to day use parking lot)

1 person on mower, 2 people on hedgers, and 4 people knicking and deberming (48 mud holes)


Priority 2 - Lenape Cut-off and Lenape (5 people)

Hedge around berm turn and general area. Clear mud holes back to last months work party area.

1 person on hedger and 4 people knicking and deberming (25 mud holes)


Priority 3 - Lenape (5 people)

Clear hedge rows and crusher run trail next to rock features (also mow and trim this area)

3 people on hedgers (one with chain saw end) and 2 people armoring beginner lines


Priority 4 - Lenape (3 people)

Cut growth along edge of trail and remove Autumn Olive encroaching on trail.

2 people on hedgers and 1 with a chain saw


Priority 5 - Jonathan Husband Trail (4+ people)

Armor Mud Holes around 100 foot bridge. Load stones into crawler at Fox Den Stone Yard and transport to Robin Redbreast. Ask Stephen if he's okay driving crawler through side yard or load stone into wheel barrows and carry to site. Place and stabilize stones.

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